Tools to Watch Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have quickly become an effective social media marketing strategy. They allow companies to connect with their target audiences while increasing brand recognition – but measuring how effective your Stories really are can be challenging.

There are various tools that can help you analyze the performance of your Stories, helping to optimize them to generate maximum engagement with viewers.


Iganony is an Instagram downloader, viewer and archive tool with easy user controls for both Windows and Mac OS X computers. You can use it to easily download photos, videos and Stories from Instagram while backing up your own account securely – plus its free to use! For even more features upgrade to one of their premium plans.

The free version of the application enables you to subscribe to two profiles and download 200 posts every day, plus filter your searches by location and hashtag, which is helpful if you follow multiple accounts – but may place strain on bandwidth usage and download speeds.

Iganony offers another advantage: saving posts directly onto your computer and viewing them offline. This feature is particularly handy if you need a backup copy of photos or posts you own or are concerned about being banned by Instagram.

Iganony makes it easy to bypass Instagram ads when watching friends’ Instagram stories without interruption from ads. Simply add their account as a subscription in Iganony and let the app automatically download new Stories to your computer for viewing – as well as export CSV or TXT files for archive purposes if needed.


Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking platforms, and can be leveraged to build your brand and generate revenue. In order to do so effectively, however, followers need to be attracted and kept engaged; one way of doing so effectively is using a tool that enables scheduling of posts and stories – this way saving time so you can focus on other tasks more easily.

AiSchedul is a free Instagram scheduler designed to make managing both your feed and stories easy. It provides many features, such as post scheduling, hashtag search and content library management; plus contest creation/sharing capabilities, monitoring hashtag usage and managing comments/comment management. Plus its interface is user friendly as well as having an extensive FAQs section!

The app’s Instagram scheduler lets you automatically post photos and videos to Instagram at a specified time. In addition to that feature, it offers many more useful ones like Story scheduling and bio link creation; reposting from both Feed and Stories are supported as well as reposts across your Feed or Stories feeds – making this an excellent way to automate accounts while saving time! It features desktop-enabled design editors along with support for Carousels Reels IGTV etc as well as scheduling Stories to be deleted after 24 hours etc!


Dumpor is a free tool that enables Instagram users to search posts and stories without creating an account. Dumpor employs a special algorithm that circumvents Instagram’s privacy settings to retrieve stories safely from its database, making the tool user-friendly and risk-free; additionally it works on various devices including computers and smartphones.

Although Dumpor is a widely used tool for Instagram users, it should only be used for personal and professional use – never for stalking or impersonating other individuals – and respecting privacy is of utmost importance – don’t post without permission!

Instagram’s private account feature can be particularly beneficial to professionals working across a range of industries, from fashion to marketing. It enables them to stay abreast of competitors, gather insights, and analyze trends without disclosing their identity – as well as identify strategies and keep abreast of industry news.

Dumpor provides an effective solution for those who want to watch Instagram stories privately. With an intuitive user interface and downloading options available to all, Dumpor makes it possible to download photos and videos with just a single click, searching by usernames, hashtags, locations as well as enabling analysis of profiles reels followers posts tagged posts from all major browsers – making Dumpor an excellent alternative platform that keeps up with the latest social trends!


If you enjoy listening to songs and want to include them on your Instagram story, Audiocado provides an easy solution. This app lets you easily create music visualizations of podcasts or other audio files. Upload them to Instagram Stories without hassles for seamless song addition.

The app provides a library of popular songs that you can add to a “Saved Music” list for later listening pleasure. However, Instagram-approved tracks saved to local storage cannot be used within Stories on the app; there is however an alternate workaround available.

With apps, you can make your photos and videos look better by adding background music that complements them. In addition, there are options for text effects, video effects, GIF stickers and transitions; and you can edit videos with filters, speed controls and an image background remover.

These apps also make it possible to create slideshows of your photos, enabling you to upload up to 10 images and add music as the perfect accompaniment. They offer various themes and styles so that you can craft the perfect slideshow.

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