The Art of Dining USA

Art-food mashups provide museums with an easy and cost-effective way to attract new audiences during times of restrictive covid-19 legislation, while providing a sense of community and comfort.

Tina Howe’s production, “The Art of Dining,” at the Public Theater resembles an authentic restaurant interior with tables, chairs, menus and actors playing customers – although all characters on stage are actors themselves.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is well-known for its Michelin-star restaurants, luxurious hotels, and wellness offerings — so an evening spent here will likely cost a pretty penny. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheaper dining options within LA’s most exclusive zip codes.

Sur Le Vert on Canon offers an ideal setting for enjoying organic wines alongside locals in its chic green-hued setting. Their menu boasts delicious snacky dishes such as smoked tuna crudo in chili oil and cheese boards to complement their vast natural wine selection.

Jean-Georges in Beverly Hills is a classic. Their menu offers all sorts of caviar creations ranging from the beloved Petrossian Ossetra to toasted egg yolk with caviar and black truffle, so reservations should always be secured prior to visiting.

New York City

New York City offers many Thestaurant that serve delicious fare. But some stand out as jaw-dropping environments that captivate more than your palate – from cozy speakeasy spots to extravagant eateries that double as art galleries – these NYC eateries take more than food into consideration when planning their spaces.

New York City is full of hidden gems worth searching for, like Hidden tucked behind an artwork at Frevo art gallery in Greenwich Village or Dhamaka which opened during COVID pandemic and thrived through it all. These hidden spots may require patience but their rewards can make searching worthwhile.


Saveur magazine recently declared Chicago as America’s new culinary star, and with good reason: Chicago chefs are making waves with innovative, experimental cuisine that transcends old-city diners and mom-and-pop ethnic eateries to hearty steakhouses and critic-acclaimed eateries; offering plenty of world-class dining options.

Esme is an ever-evolving fine dining tasting menu restaurant that transforms itself each quarter to draw inspiration from Chicago’s vibrant creative culture through creative dishes, music, and handcrafted service pieces designed by Chef Jenner Tomaska in partnership with local artists, creatives, and luminaries to craft an experience that tells their tale.

This Michelin-star restaurant grows its own herbs and vegetables in a basement hydroponic garden, while each custom wood table has an herb holder to allow servers to garnish dishes tableside. Together these elements combine for an enjoyable dining experience that marries European style with American charm.

San Francisco

San Francisco continues to showcase the culinary skills of various cultures whose ancestors settled here, from comforting spaghetti pomodoro dishes to lavish meals featuring artwork. Restaurants here reflect its diverse population perfectly.

Biet Rima offers vegetarian- and gluten-free dining in an atmosphere with beautiful flower-lined patio seating, luxurious peacock blue booths and an imaginative yet simple menu of simple yet stunning dishes prepared by owner Samir Mogannam with seasonal produce such as delicata squash in brown butter with labneh and pine nut dukkah, while meatier options such as yogurt marinated chicken and tender beef kabobs give their menu depth.

At ICA SF, a free contemporary art museum that made waves when it opened last year, enjoy food prepared by rising-star chefs while taking in art from Dogpatch venue ICA SF’s chef pop-up series featuring Indigenous Mexican flavors from Molcaxitl Kitchen torta pop-up and My Friend Fernando rice-centric bolita shop, plus Filipino rice-centric bolita shop My Friend Fernando’s bolita shop My Friend Fernando will continue this Thursday.

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