Retro Bowl Game Review

Retro bowl is an intuitive football game featuring simple touch controls to allow players to run, pass and tackle for their team during matches. Seasonal play offers increasingly challenging opponents.

Retro Bowl is unlike most football games in that players do not need to manage a 53-man roster; rather, players are limited to managing 10 star player spots on a star player roster that is then filled out by replacement-level talent at other positions.


Retro Bowl Unblocked 911 is a football-themed mobile game with a large following thanks to its colorful graphics and fun gameplay. Free to play, ads can be removed for a small fee if desired.

Selecting the correct stars is integral to building a winning Retro bowl team. While their catching ability is of primary concern, speed and stamina should also be considered key attributes – this especially holds true for running backs as faster runners may evade defenders more quickly while making big plays after receiving passes from teammates.

Juking is another essential skill, enabling players to evade tackles while on the run. To juke, players can either swipe up or down while running in any direction for quick movement; or swipe backwards in order to perform a stutter step and avoid getting tackled.


Retro bowl is an old-school American football video game stripped down to its basics, making it easy and accessible for non-football enthusiasts alike. Playable on touch screens, Retro bowl can provide hours of entertaining gameplay!

Players control an all-star team made up of quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends and wide receivers. Every player offers different capabilities and stats; therefore it’s crucial that you find the optimal combination for your squad.

Retro Bowl depends heavily on its quarterbacks (QBs). As they’re responsible for handing off to running backs and passing to wide receivers, strong quarterbacks are vitally important to your offensive success year after year. A strong QB can ensure success across seasons in Retro Bowl.

Winning games is also key for attracting fans and earning coaching credits, which are used to upgrade facilities and improve team performance in various ways. A wide receiver with exceptional catching and speed attributes is ideal as they can gain yards after catch.


Retro bowl is a mobile football game that has captured the hearts of fans around the world with its simple yet captivating gameplay. Retro Bowl provides players with full control of their franchise through an old school format – giving players full control of their franchise!

As this game does not involve defense, developing a solid offense is especially vital to its success. Since defenders cannot be seen onscreen, you must be exacting in selecting your plays for optimal success.

When recruiting star players, the two most important characteristics should be their catching rating and speed. A high catching rating allows your players to catch every ball that comes their way, while speed enables them to outrun anyone on the field. You should also consider seeking coordinators with “No Mercy” traits that prevent their players from becoming fatigued during games; this helps ensure morale remains high despite age or training intensity effects which might reduce players’ recovery after games.


Retro Bowl is one of the most beloved mobile sports games available, offering strategic football action at your fingertips. Take control of your own NFL franchise as quarterbacks, running backs, and tight ends take on each other for control of a franchise in this immersive strategy game!

Retro bowl requires an understanding of its nuances to succeed, including when selecting wide receivers (WR). When picking receivers it’s crucial to take into account both their catching and speed ratings; having more passes catch can increase catch rates; while fast speed allows players to run away from defenses and score big plays.

Pre-snap skills are also an integral component of playing football, although players don’t select an exact play prior to taking their position at snap. Instead, they select routes or read defenses in search of openings – it is suggested that novice players start out at easier difficulty levels before gradually increasing difficulty as comfort increases with wins earning fans and coaching credits that help advance teams.

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