ParentPay – Making School Payments Easier

ParentPay is an innovative payment system for schools and local authorities in the UK, offering safe and secure ways for academy trips, meals, uniforms, music lessons and other items related to school life to be paid for online.

At schools, it assists with food waste reduction by enabling parents to preorder meals from school cafeterias. Furthermore, its medical tracker software records injuries, illnesses and medications administered.

Easy to use

ParentPay Login is designed for ease of use, enabling parents/carers to make payments easily via debit or credit card day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 24-7. With ParentPay you can safely make payments knowing the technology used offers the highest security available on the web and hold an electronic record of past transactions for review at later dates as well as set automated email/text payment reminders.

Parents can make top up payments directly into their child’s online account at any time, giving them money for meals, trips and activities without needing to bring cash into school and carry it around with them. This avoids sending in cash each week while eliminating the burden on kids to carry around cash in a wallet!

If you prefer making payments offline, we offer PayPoint cards which can be used at local shops to make cash payments. Simply contact the Finance Office to request one; payment alerts will automatically be sent whenever cash or cheque payments are recorded against your child’s ParentPay account.


ParentPay provides a secure service, using industry-leading technology for processing card transactions. Communication with banks is encrypted (so nobody can read it), while your card details will never be stored by ParentPay or schools.

Parents can pay online anytime of day or night, 24 hours a day. Their payments will always adhere to the highest internet security standards. Each parent will have an individual login username and password which will need to be changed periodically in order to keep it secure for future use.

For those who still prefer paying cash, we offer plastic payment cards so they can use local PayPoint stores. Each card carries its own barcode letter for use when paying in cash for trips and activities, privilege transport and music tuition. Parents can view transaction histories and balances on their accounts while setting up automatic payments for recurring expenses.


ParentPay is an online solution providing secure payments for school expenses – such as dinner money in Primary Schools – trips, uniforms and income streams. Parents can pay using credit or debit card at any time and from anywhere and be assured their details are protected with high level internet security encryption.

Parents can utilize ParentPay’s service to book school activities quickly and reduce administration for schools, while also raising valuable Gift Aid revenue for their school’s income.

Parents looking to continue making cash payments may do so through the PayPoint network at local convenience stores. A plastic PayPoint card will be given out free of charge; any replacement cards may incur a small cost; parents with more than one child in school can use the same account to make payments on each of them.


ParentPay makes school payments effortless for everyone – no more sending cash or cheques into school – 24 hours a day, from wherever and whenever. Parents can make payments securely knowing the technology used offers the highest internet security available.

Parents can use a Parent Account to pay for anything listed by the school – trips, music lessons and more – using payments made at times that suit them, with any remaining balance withdrawn at any time.

School administrators find the service easy to manage, too: simply add and update lists of items for payment while integrating it with their management information systems, with refunds processed quickly back to the original payment method reducing any financial administrative workload for staff. Furthermore, this scalable service can even be utilized for PTA payments, village fundraising efforts or school nativities if desired.

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